Mission and History

Mission Statement:

By reaching out to the community and encouraging the arts of science, technology and engineering, Team 4085 will treasure our values of professionalism, integrity, teamwork, diversity, and equal opportunity, while also striving to widen and spread our knowledge and wisdom


Technical Difficulties was created in 2012 by the Reynoldsburg High School eSTEM Academy Principal, Marcy Raymond, and the assistance of two teachers from the school who volunteered to be coaches of the team, Amy Stewart and Jim Coley. Our founding generation had 32 members and seven mentors. As a rookie team we were intimidated because we had no idea what to expect. We also lacked resources and equipment that veteran teams already owned and knew how to operate. Despite an overwhelming challenge, we managed to make it to competition and did well, earning a Highest Rookie Seed Award and the Industrial Design Award.

Our team members learned a great deal from the rookie season and felt ready to tackle any and all challenges in 2013.  By the time the 2013 season rolled around many new students from the eSTEM academy became interested in joining the team and our numbers grew to over 50 students. That year was also when classes such as Principles of Engineering, Engineering Design and Development became available for students. Many members challenged themselves and took these courses and gained a wealth of knowledge that they applied to many different aspects of our team. The 2013 season also had many founding members graduate and continue their journey at top graduate schools, including MIT, Brown University and Case Western Reserve University.

Although many of our founding members graduated in 2013, many new and excited members jumped up ready to assume responsibility for the start of our 2014 season. With over 50 people once again, we were determined to stay on our trend of constant improvement, and we did. We were able to create an amazing robot that got us to elimination rounds for every single competition we participated in. Although we did not take home the trophy and the pass to the world championships in St. Louis, we locked down other awards such as Best Team Spirit and Safety Award.