Team Safety

Link to the FIRST 2018 Safety Manual:

About Our Team’s Safety

Safety is a top priority among our team. We ensure we are in compliance with the safety standards of FIRST, by making every member and mentor wear safety/steel toed shoes, safety glasses, and have hair up (if applicable). Also, any loose clothing or jewelry is not permitted. Food/beverage is not allowed within any areas of our space, so we keep a designated space for all snack and food items.

We conduct fire drills throughout our build season (2-3 times) and at each hotel we stay at for competition. We also do bi-weekly safety audits of all build areas and document all injuries, no matter how minor.

Every year our safety faction gives a safety presentation that covers all overlaying and general safety items. After this presentation we give a safety quiz and all members are required to pass the quiz with a 80% or higher. Any non-passing member must submit corrections and retake the quiz.

Within our build space we keep a poster as a reminder of all safety standards the entire team, mentors, and visitors should be in compliance with.

Suicide Prevention

Statement from FRC987 Coach Joe Barry: 987 has lost a superstar. Sadly, we just lost a student team member to the second leading cause of teenage death. Oscar Ho, an extraordinary young man and recent team president passed away Sunday morning. Unfortunately, Frank's December 27 blog regarding suicide became all too relevant for those of us fortunate enough to know and work with Oscar...and even the rest of the FIRST community.