Team Safety

Link to the FIRST 2017 Safety Manual:

About Our Team’s Safety

Safety is a top priority among our team. We ensure we are in compliance with the safety standards of FIRST, by making every member and mentor wear safety/steel toed shoes, safety glasses, and have hair up (if applicable). Also, any loose clothing or jewelry is not permitted. Food/beverage is not allowed within any areas of our space, so we keep a designated space for all snack and food items.

We conduct fire drills throughout our build season (2-3 times) and at each hotel we stay at for competition. We also do bi-weekly safety audits of all build areas and document all injuries, no matter how minor.

Every year our safety faction gives a safety presentation that covers all overlaying and general safety items. After this presentation we give a safety quiz and all members are required to pass the quiz with a 90% or higher. Any non-passing member must submit corrections and retake the quiz.

Within our build space we keep a poster as a reminder of all safety standards the entire team, mentors, and visitors should be in compliance with.